heres a fun fact that shows a lot about me: im pretty allergic to bananas but didn’t know it at all growing up until one day when i was like 17 i was like “man, i love bananas. theyre always so tangy and make ur mouth all tingly” and my friend was like “thats. definitley not what a banana is supposed to be like” one doctors trip later, turns out im fucking allergic to bananas.  

Same thing happen to me, but with kiwi





I got dressed in my traditional Indian regalia, but there was a man, he was the producer of the whole show. He took that speech away from me and he warned me very sternly. “I’ll give you 60 seconds or less. And if you go over that 60 seconds, I’ll have you arrested. I’ll have you put in handcuffs.”

- Sacheen Littlefeather in Reel Injun (2009), dir. Neil Diamond.

They were MAD, CONFUSED AND PRESSED that Marlon Brando would betray White Supremacy in this way.

To this very day, they are TWISTED over this.

And when Littlefeather got up there and READ THEM FOR FILTH, they GAGGED. For eons.

So I imagine there are people like me out there who’ve never even heard of Marlon Brando and are extremely confused over why this is important.

Marlon Brando was the Don in The Godfather, and in 1973, he was nominated for and won an Academy Award for it. However, he was also a huge Natives rights activist, and boycotted the ceremony because he felt that Hollywood’s depictions of Native Americans in the media led to the Wounded Knee Incident (which I was always taught as “the second massacre at Wounded Knee” but apparently that’s not the real name). He sent Sacheen Littlefeather, an Apache Native rights activist, in his stead. Wikipedia’s article on her explains the rest:

Brando had written a 15-page speech for Littlefeather to give at the ceremony, but when the producer met her backstage he threatened to physically remove her or have her arrested if she spoke on stage for more than 60 seconds.[5] Her on-stage comments were therefore improvised. She then went backstage and read the entire speech to the press. In his autobiography My Word is My BondRoger Moore (who presented the award) claims he took the Oscar home with him and kept it in his possession until it was collected by an armed guard sent by the Academy.

That is what this gifset is about.

You have GOT to read up on this. The Wounded Knee Incident, Marlon Brando and Sacheen Littlefeather, Anna Mae Aquash. ALL OF IT. 


Anonymous asked:

I had a close male friend who asked me for help a lot with his problems and I was more than happy to help but slowly over time they became mine and I then felt him being a negative influence on my life and dragging me down and he wasn't willing to help himself... We no longer talk but I still think of him and it annoys me because he also hurt me then acted like everything was fine! How can I get over thinking about him? Or why do I still think about him? 😔

psych-facts answered:

Because you once cared about him and you still do even when you say you don’t or try not to. He’s once a close male friend to you and left an impact on your life. It’s hard to forget people who does that to you, even harder when they have hurt you in some way or made you care about them. 

You could forget him by realizing that you have a life to live too and sometimes you have to respect that they too could solve their own problems. You’ve done more than enough to want to be their therapist your entire life. 

Reminds me of a guy i know. I cut his ass loose.


Anonymous asked:

So my friend got really mad at me for hanging around this guy who is 24 (me and my friend are both girls and both 14) and she said a bunch of shit to me and she told to never talk to her again I know it's bad to hang out with him, but I want to be her friend again and I don't know what to do, any ideas?

anything-advice-blog answered:

Hun, I personally think that this guy is WAY to old for you, that’s a ten year age difference, That’s where I would draw the line. Where did you meet this guy & where do you two hangout?

I think your friend is MUCH more important than this random guy.